Acupuncture – An Effective Ancient Chinese Medicine for Treating PTSD

acupuncture-ptsdAcupuncture is a treatment based on ancient Chinese medicine which involves insertion of needles into the skin at certain specific strategic points. It is a form of complementary or alternative medicine to relieve the symptoms of certain conditions and to treat a variety of ailments. This oldest healing practice in the world is incorporated for the effective treatment-of PTSD. PTSD is a psychiatric disorder which is caused either by experiencing or witnessing stressful, terrifying, life-threatening or distressing events in one’s life. Various scientific research studies have evidenced that acupuncture can reduce and alleviate anxiety and stress levels in individuals suffering from PTSD.

What are the traumatic events that trigger PTSD?

The traumatic incidents that may exasperate PTSD include violet personal assaults, natural or human-caused calamites and disasters, accidents, military combat, terrorist incidents, witnessing violent deaths, being held hostage and personal or sexual assault. PTSD can develop immediately after someone experiences or witnesses a disturbing event or it can occur in weeks, months or even years later. Sometimes the symptoms may persist even when the danger or hazard no longer exists.

How acupuncture treats PTSD?

Acupuncture for treating PTSD is carried out by stimulating specific points in the ear and in the body to help balance the Qi and calm the mind. These strategic key points of the body are responsible for regulating specific brain areas that help control the proper functioning of the nervous system and also alleviate stress levels. Acupuncture is indeed a powerful healing system that helps the patient to steadily progress the trauma comfortably and safely. A gentle massage may also be done before and after the acupuncture treatment in order to avoid triggering of symptoms. As per the scientific research findings patients found rapid and significant relief of their symptoms, pain and experienced reduced levels of depression as well. Specific acupuncture points tailored to your specific presentation of symptoms assures that you return to your normal life quickly. Military has found the immense benefits of acupuncture in helping to alleviate and mitigate symptoms associated with PTSD.

Benefits of acupuncture in treating PTSD:

Acupuncture can assure profound benefits for people diagnosed with PTSD. No wonder it is touted as the most successful alternative medicine to the conventional treatment methods.

1. Acupuncture is an effective natural remedy for the treatment of PTSD symptoms like anxiety, depression, concentration problems, agitation, insomnia and also pain.
2. Soldiers suffering from PTSD are opting for acupuncture as it is safe, non-intrusive method and provides rapid relief through quicker healing.
3. Ear acupuncture has provided immense benefits for soldiers suffering from sleeping disorders that originated from PTSD.
4. It is effective in reducing symptoms like anxiety and enables the patient to experience unexpected levels of relaxation.
5. Studies have evidenced that acupuncture not only provides symptomatic relief but also helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system.


Another recent development in the “point prescription” is that it can be customized to fit individual needs and requirements. Persons suffering from severe PTSD symptoms may need a slightly varied form of acupuncture treatment when compared to persons who exhibit milder symptoms. Acupuncture, a centuries old method also helps PTSD affected individuals to regains composure to daily activities easily and quickly.

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